Miami ARTCC Single Sign-On System

Welcome to the Miami ARTCC (vZMA) Single-Sign-On (SSO) System. This is your gateway to all vZMA resources that require authentication and/or authorization.

The Miami ARTCC uses VATSIM Single-Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate your identity and verify that you are a VATSIM member in good standing. If you are applying to become a member of the Miami ARTCC, you must use the VATSIM method of signing in. Alternatively, those who are already vZMA members may use their VATSIM CID and Miami ARTCC password to log in. In either case, you will be returned to the service which required you to log in. To get started, either click on "Log in with VATSIM" or enter your CID and Miami ARTCC (vZMA) password below.


Use your vZMA Credentials
The local login feature is temporary and will be disabled in the near future.